Window Designs


Bedford Windows Ltd  70mm window systems offer all the benefits of PVC-u windows while preserving the appearance of traditional wooden frames.  Your home is the biggest single investment you’ll ever make, and choosing replacement double-glazed windows is a big step.  After all, your new windows won’t just make your home more attractive and comfortable, they will also add to its value.

Timeless and classic, practical and durable, Bedford 70mm window systems are a well – established and popular choice.  We use low-level beads and gaskets, which sit level with the frames, both inside and out, that are less obtrusive than the standard option and enhance the overall finish of the windows.  Whatever the style of your home, we’ll ensure that the window design blends in beautifully.



Bedford Windows Casement Upvc double glazed windows.

Today’s house building continues to favour nostalgic designs.  To complement this, Bedford Windows 70mm frames replicates traditional joinery features with sculptured sashes and matching sculptured glazing beads to give that authentic period look.  However, if the clean, modern look suits your property, then chamfered sashes are also available.

If you’re in the mood for a traditional wood finish, we can provide it.  All windows are available in clean white, rich mahogany, romantic rosewood or warm golden oak.  A further 150 colours are also available using our unique colouring system.  And you can even have windows to complement your interior decor – for instance, a clean white finish on the inside and either a woodgrain or colour on the outside.

To enhance your windows further, Bedford Windows have developed a range of ancillary features.  Choose from run-through sash horns – which are formed from the same material as the frames, to give an authentic finish and consistent colour.  Arched head inserts for a traditional cottage look, or external Georgian bars for a period finish.  The range of glazing is just as impressive.  You can choose form clear, patterned or stained glass.  Or, for traditional properties, leaded or bevelled style glazing offers true aesthetic appeal.

Behind every window is a reputation for innovation and style.  With Bedford 70mm window systems, you not only get a slim, stylish and attractive window but also a product that incorporates all the benefits of modern PVC-u.  Benefits that include low maintenance and greater security.  Everything to give you complete peace of mind.

The design of our quality, five-chambered system with ample internal space, means that not only does it have excellent insulation properties but also enables us to install larger steel reinforcements to give your windows more rigidity and strength, making your home more secure.  All Bedford Windows 70mm windows comply with new building regulations concerning the conservation of fuel and power.

The excellent thermal efficiency of our windows means that draughts are excluded so successfully that your home is warmer and, better still, your energy bills will be greatly reduced.  When used with double-glazing, the efficient insulation reduces outside noise, giving you more peace and quiet.  No wonder Bedford Windows 70mm systems are the preferred choice of so many people when replacing their windows.



Bedford Windows Sash WindowsBedford Windows upvc sash windowsBedford Windows double glazed sash windowsBedford Windows Cleanable Sash Windows

Bedford Sash Windows are a unique PVC-u vertical sliding sash window with the character and charm of an authentic traditional Box Sash window. Bedford Sash Windows have evolved through years of experience.  They have been engineered to accurately replicate the soft smooth curves of the traditional sliding sash window of yesteryear yet hold all the benefits and advantages of modern fully reinforced PVC-u.  The system is a very simple operation of two sashes within an outer frame that work independently of each other, on balance springs, designed to hold them at any height with an ingenious design feature allowing the sashes to tilt from the inside to facilitate safe and easy cleaning.

Fully concealed gaskets and weather-seals give the window a clean look, as well as improving long term weathering and thermal efficiency. To enhance that authentic look from the Victorian and Georgian periods, Bedford Georgian bars emulates the style of the period without the need for individual units of glass.  Most PVC-u windows suffer from unequal sight-lines.  This is where the glass in the opening section is smaller than the glass in the fixed section.  To duplicate the equal sight lines of the traditional sliding sash window we have created a special insert which is fitted to the non opening section to reduce the width to match that of the opening sash creating the authentic look of a Sliding Sash window.



Bedford Windows Georgian Windows

The unique, high quality compound used to create the renowned Bedford Windows smooth gloss finish means that your Georgian windows keep their pristine appearance and they don’t warp, rot or need painting- unlike their wooden counterparts.  Bedford 70mm Georgian Windows offers superior engineering and superb designs.  Form and functionality combine with visual appeal and sheer practicality.  The layout and design of Georgian windows can never be left to computer aided design programmes.  The need for symmetry is paramount and Bedford Windows skilled surveyors have many years experience and understanding of this complex task.

You can select a basic Georgian installation where the bars are placed in between the two panes of glass of the double-glazed unit, or you can have external Georgian bars fitted to really give your property that period look.  There are different widths and thickness of bar, and they must be selected with consideration for your overall property style or a flat grid look will be the result.  Bedford Windows work closely with many conservation organisations to achieve the authentic look.  Bedford Windows have many years of experience in this area which has taught us that to achieve the authentic Georgian look, it is the width and the depth of the resulting glass panes that can make or break your design.  Elements like opening sashes must be taken into consideration when designing the Georgian look.



Bedford Windows Leaded Windows

The addition of leaded windows to your property will transform your home from the ordinary.  The subtle use of leaded lines to create a distinctive style will make your property stand out from the rest. Lead is unique in its subtlety.  Its non-reflective quality creates and understated elegance that cannot be ignored.  But you must tread carefully with your choice of designs.  Bedford Windows has many years of experience in this particular area and will guide you in the selection of leaded designs.  With fifteen different choices as standard the task can be troublesome but in the end extremely rewarding when you see the results.  From square to diamond, form Queen Ann to Gothic, Bedford Windows can guide you.  The use of stained coloured glass can add an extra dimension to leaded boarders that will be unique to you.

Bedford Windows will only use real lead and we despair when we see other companies cutting corners using modern plastic substitutes. Only lead can recapture the old days by oxygenation – the air reacts with the lead creating a corrosion that is harmless to your new windows but creates and enhances the authentic look.  Before the invention of Float-glass technology pioneered by Pilkington, glass could not be formed over large areas.  Windows were constructed of leaded lattices in which small glass pieces were fitted.  To recapture this old style while still using modern double-glazed insulation Bedford Windows will fix sculpted lead to the outside of the glazed unit in your requested design.  The lead is so shaped as to present the impression that the glass is again fixed into a lead lattice – a kind of optical illusion is created. On the inside, as you will be enjoying your new windows primarily from that position, we again copy the designs from the outside and repeat the layout again on the inside of the outer pane of glass of your double-glazed unit.  This allows you to clean your windows without difficulties on the inside but you must tell your window cleaner that you now have leaded windows and they are to use the appropriate cleaning cloths and materials on the outside of your home.



Bedford Windows Bay Windows

The bay window is a significant architectural feature of an age when building practises would indulge in grand design.  Bay windows command the frontal aspect of any home with grandeur and replacing them with PVC-u windows can help to turn, what is often a very cold area of you home, into a romantic place where you can sit in comfort and contemplate the world.  Your bay window may be square, round or even triangular.  You may have three sides, four sides or five sides plus.  You may use casement windows or sash windows to form the bay.  The important thing to remember is that virtually all bay windows are load-bearing to some extent.  That means they are part of the supporting structure of your property.  It is not just a simple job of removal and should never be left to the inexperienced.  There are many true stories of the front of a property sliding into the road due to the carelessness of cowboy double-glazing companies.

Bedford Windows many years of architectural and building experience in this area and will give you the confidence you need. Bedford Windows will ensure that your bay window installation will meet all Building Regulations and will not compromise the load bearing ability of your bay.  All appropriate bay support poles and weight spreader plates will be in place to ensure conformance to Building Regulations.



Bedford Windows Bow Windows

Adding a Bedford Bow Window to your home will change its architecture from the mundane to the romantic.  It will add shape and style to a flat and uninspiring house wall, turning the inside into a place to sit in quite reflection.  From within the Bow the enlargement of the glass area will create the illusion of a much larger room as the light passes into your home from multiple angles.  The Bow window is the most asked for addition to any home.  When people see a Bow window they wish they could add one to their own properties.  The choices of styles is endless but a Bow can be designed to suit any properties existing windows and look as if it were an integral part of your homes original design.

Bedford Windows use the same high quality PVC-u windows as in our casement range with the added adornment of a fully insulated moulded canopy (if required) finished with real lead chased into the mortar line (we never use stick on plastic fake lead).   Underneath the Bow structure are fully reinforced architectural support brackets which complement the overall aesthetical appeal of a Bedford Bow Window.



Bedford Windows Tilt & Turn WindowsBedford Windows Tilt & Turn windowsBedford Windows Cleaning Tilt & Turn Windows

If you would like an alternative to casement windows you could consider the accessibility of Bedford Tilt and Turn Windows.  They open inwards, making it ideal for cleaning from inside your home.  These ingenious windows also tilt from the top to allow ventilation without compromising security, adding superb functionality to your home.  They can be operated with one hand.  The complete operation of tilting the window and opening and locking are all operated by a single central handle.  A multi-point locking mechanism secures the sash all around the frame compressing the seal to make them airtight increasing insulation and lowering sound intrusion.