You may be entitled to Grant funding for the replacement of wood, metal or old uPVC windows and doors that do not comply with Building Regulations (or to make your home more energy efficient.) These Grants are subject to availability and certain conditions, which we are more than happy to discuss with you.







If your wooden windows or doors require repair or repainting it may be time to consider changing to low-maintenance uPVC. Bedford Windows Ltd, window and door systems offers all the benefits of uPVC while preserving the appearance of traditional wooden frames.






Steel framed single glazed windows and doors may be strong but they are extremely poor insulators contributing heavily to freezing cold draughts. Adding secondary glazing in an attempt to combat these draughts often encourages the creation of unsightly and damaging condensation.






Aluminium double-glazing, the forerunner of uPVC was an excellent investment at the time but is by today’s standards an extremely poor insulator.






Do you have old uPVC windows or doors that pre-date 2002? In April 2002 the installation of windows and doors came under the control of Building Regulations. Before this time the quality of many uPVC installations was extremely poor.

Do you have externally glazed windows or doors that have beading strips on the outside allowing burglars to remove the glass units and gain silent entry to your property?

Do you have uPVC windows or doors that have discoloured or cracked? Warped out of shape allowing draught? Sashes difficult to open? Locks broken or corroded? Hinges broken or functioning poorly? Seals corroded, shrunken or simply missing?

Do you have double-glazed units with misting between the panes or condensation water-beads appearing at the bottom of the glass unit? Can you open bedroom windows wide enough to escape in case of fire?

If you have any of the above problems or even some we have failed to mention, a Grant may be available to assist in the replacement. Do not delay. Funds are limited.

For more information or to arrange a free survey telephone Bedford Windows on the above number.