Conservatory Designs


Bedford Windows SunroomThe Bedford Sunroom is probably the easiest way to achieve the conservatory dream. The Sunroom is also known as the lean-to, garden room or Mediterranean conservatory. They are particularly suitable for bungalows or houses with height restrictions.

If your tastes are more understated, a traditional style Sunroom is popular because the roof can go down to an incredibly low 2.5% pitch – flat-topped essentially.

There are so many other important advantages with our Bedford Conservatories. They are incredibly low maintenance, durable and have the highest specification security features, sound-proofing and thermal efficiency.

Everything, in fact, to make your life more carefree, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your home and garden with complete peace of mind.

Our dedication to producing a wide range of products, of the very highest quality, goes back over 20 years. This is reflected in the application of stringent quality control practices. Our conservatory frames are slim and elegant – adding grace and style to every home.

Our glazing options include leaded and stained glass for a traditional look, or to add a touch of period style – there is a choice of patterned or beveled glass.

Why not consider adding some specialist lighting features to add that extra appeal to your special room?

Superbly engineered to demanding standards, a Showhome Conservatory will give your home real style that will last for years and years.



Bedford Windows Edwardian ConservatoryWhat about plumping for a touch of Edwardian splendor?  With its clean, bold lines, this design will allow you maximum interior floor area so it’s a brilliant choice if you’ve not much space to build on.

Do you  have an internal corner with two external walls that could be utilised? Any quiet unassuming corner can benefit from a beautiful Bedford Edwardian Conservatory installation.  These types of conservatory can be very cost effective.

Our attention to design detail makes all the difference – by adding either ridge crests or finials you can achieve that truly authentic look.  There is a whole range of special features and accessories available to you.  You can choose from a range of door styles and an almost endless choice of window designs.

We can help you plan your dream conservatory and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it becomes a reality and how little disruption there is.  We prepare the ground and begin construction, including all services, and we can advise you on the best heating options.

The real beauty of a conservatory is that it is a room which is part home, part garden.  On a summer’s day with the doors open and the heady smell of flowers in the air, the conservatory is simply an extension of the garden.  On less clement days, it is a cosy and comfortable haven in which to enjoy the outdoors whilst the wind and rain are firmly excluded.

Summer or winter, the atmosphere in the conservatory must be comfortable, so adequate ventilation is vital.  The roofing systems have a high security patented ‘trickle vent’ system allowing a constant air flow even while you are away from home.  It is so discreet you won’t know it’s there and there are optional roof vents which can be opened either manually or electronically.  We’ll put you in control of your environment

North, south, east or west, the aspect of a conservatory will affect its ambiance.  It may be a sunny breakfast spot, or be filled with the rich glow of the setting sun in the evening.  Or perhaps it’s south-facing with sunlight streaming through from dawn until dusk.  These factors may well influence how and when you use your conservatory.

Whatever the shape or style of your home we can design the conservatory to match and to fulfill you dreams.  The wide choice of colours and finishes available puts you in control of the appearance of your finished room.  Whether viewed for the inside, or out, the conservatory will be an attractive environment in which to welcome and entertain all you friends.



Bedford Windows Victorian ConservatoyA Victorian-style conservatory is one of the most popular designs around and can be adapted to suit all styles and sizes of house.  You’ll have the choice of three or five facet fronts.

The 3 facet style is a classical Victorian conservatory.  Its versatility and pleasing aesthetics make it suitable for almost all applications.  The 5 faceted conservatory hints at a subtle rounded appearance.  It offers the ideal blend of space and appearance.

The utilisation of a box-gutter allows the addition of a Victorian style conservatory to an even wider range of dwellings.  A box-gutter allows the conservatory to abut the existing dwelling wall or to simultaneously drain the existing house roof and the conservatory roof.

The roof valley is the lower intersection between two slopes on the roof and therefore acts as the drainage channel as well as helping to give support and stability.  Purpose designed aluminium profiles and state of the art manufacturing techniques ensure that your conservatory roof is secure.  The specially designed PVC-u capping and cladding provide the clean lines your conservatory demands.

When designing the conservatory to match your aspirations remember that you’ll want to live in it more than you initially anticipate.  This ‘Room for all Seasons’ will become the focal point of your life at home.  Sumner, winter, spring and autumn will see you enjoying the comfort and freedom of the garden  inside the house.

One of the most critical areas of your conservatory is the connection between the windows and the roof.  To maintain the strength and safety of you installation Bedford Conservatories use the high strength one piece aluminium extruded multi-eaves-beam section.  This system incorporates variable pitches, gutter support and a number of innovative patented features.

Where the conservatory meets the house it is essential that the maximum weather protection is given.  This section is formed from a specially manufactured aluminium section that also supports the PVC-u flashing section, acting as a cover and providing a 50mm up-stand for dressing into the lead flashing.  The whole system also offers controllable ventilation and is designed internally to complement the ridge and valley.

Art and technology have combined to establish the conservatory as an attractive way of adding space and value to a home, or simply indulging oneself for the sheer pleasure of it.  As well as adding an entirely new look to the exterior of a building, and accommodating a medley of activities inside, it can be designed to suit you, your lifestyle, your property and your budget.



Bedford Windows Gable Ended ConservatoryBedford Gable End Conservatories offers a distinctive and different alternative.  When combined with a steeper pitched glass roof, they offer stunning looks that are unsurpassed.

The conservatories of today are a far cry from the original glass houses which were built primarily to protect exotic plant life from the worst ravages of the British winter.  Our new conservatories, with high insulation throughout, is a place as likely to be used in mid-winter as in the  height of summer.

The roof has to withstand tremendous stresses for all year round protection.  Jack rafters are used to join glazing bars together with specially designed ‘ball and socket’ joints helping to spread the load.  The stresses and strains at these joints can be immense so we use specially manufactured materials.  The composite materials are drawn from the aerospace industry and complement the principle materials of aluminium and PVC-u.

Nowhere else – at least from an indoor vantage point – gives you such a direct and unashamedly open view of the outside world as your conservatory.  Sit back and admire the landscape, relax in the sun, or take advantage of the natural daylight to indulge in some light reading or other pastime.  This is your own, private window on the world.  There’s a range of glazing options and a selection of patterns and finishes to further enhance conservatory living.



Bedford Windows P-shaped Victorian ConservatoryIf your budget can stretch that bit further, why not go for a Bedford P-shape Conservatory.  A combination of both the Sunroom and Victorian or Edwardian styles.  It’s ideal for those looking for a large conservatory and is a great way of making the most of the space you’ve got.

Combining a mix of Sunroom and Victorian or Edwardian styles, a P-Shaped conservatory is the ideal choice for the larger conservatory.  The Sunroom section can feature a gable infill frame or can be hipped back.  The P-Shape is ideal for creating maximum space whilst maintaining a sense of proportion applicable to the existing dwelling.

A P-shape Victorian conservatory with hipped end is one of several variations on the elaborate P-style conservatory.  In this application a conservatory can appear almost free standing and gives the appearance of a totally detached building.

Aesthetically designed tie bars incorporate structural members that not only allow increased conservatory spans, but also create a further desirable feature.  The bars are increasingly used for hanging plants, as support for exotic climbers and even fixing decorations for those special occasions.



Custom Design

Bedford Windows T-Shaped Victorian ConservatoryIf you want a conservatory that needs to span a large area, for instance a pool enclosure, Bedford Conservatories can still help with one of our large span systems.  Large span conservatories such as pool enclosures become possible by utilising an aluminium high strength/light weight portal frame structure.

The choice of conservatory design is literally endless. If you would like something out of the ordinary, our products have the capability to turn your dreams into reality – tell us your ideas and we will be more than happy to make them work.

You could base a design around the T-shaped Victorian style as a variation on a theme.  The T-shaped Victorian allows maximisation of space and gives an attractive symmetrical appearance.  A central projection highlights the shape and creates a ‘porch’ effect to the conservatory.

Indulge in a daydream of two: your house, your conservatory.  How do you see it?  Evenings entertaining family and friends, or peace, solitude and the Sunday papers?  Maybe both?  Whatever your preferences, and chances are there will be more than one, there are as many variations of conservatory design as there are pursuits you can follow in them.  That’s why we offer a bespoke service.  We can design and build a conservatory exactly to suit you – and you house.  We’ll help turn your dreams into reality.


Add Colour and Finish

Bedford Windows Colour ConservatoryWhatever the look you want to achieve with your conservatory we can provide it.  Bedford Conservatory frames are available in a smooth or woodgrain finish in bright-white or warm-white, romantic rosewood, rich mahogany or golden oak colours.  You can even have white and smooth on the inside but a different colour or effect on the outside.

Our unique and patented colour coating system is the result of a development by the automotive industry, which has used a similar system for many years to produce colour matched polymer car bumpers.

It is a two component acrylic coating system, which involves tightly controlled preparation, application of the cross-linking polyurethane acrylic by wet spraying and then air curing. The finish is durable, colour fast and weather resistant. The coating does not affect the impact resistance of the PVC-U profile.

There is a choice of over 150 RAL colours and the system allows for optimum versatility and creative use of colour.  Due to the flexibility of the system it is suitable for both small and large-scale installations.Bedford Windows Coloured Conservatory